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I am Dr. Eric Berg DC, the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, a #1 best best-seller. In my  practice of 25 years, I have trained over 2500 doctors and currently do monthly seminars for many of the Government Agencies including the FBI, FCC, Library of Congress, Dept of Justice, Dept of Printing and Engraving, National Science Foundation, NIH and the list goes on and on. I was the past associate professor at Howard University and am currently training health coaches in my methods. I have a patent pending on my technique for chronic pain, which targets RSD, a chronic pain syndrome that occurs after surgery and injury.

Dr. Eric Berg’s philosophy extends beyond weight loss and into creating health.

I found that people have to get healthy before they can truly lose weight long term. Most programs do it the reverse, and try to lose weight in the hopes that their health problems will go away – good luck. It is these other health problems like fatigue, insomnia, pain, cravings that act like multiple applications on a person’s desk top computer slowing the metabolism. There are 3 main focuses of getting a healthy metabolism.

The first one is to nourish the metabolism and this doesn’t include starving it. It also doesn’t mean merely eating more, but instead eating nutrient dense foods.

The second one is the recharge the metabolism through distressing the body and getting a great sleep. Most of the fat burning occurs during deep sleep so this is important.

The third action is optimizing your workouts BUT only after your sleep and energy is restored. Exercise only works if you’re sleeping and have some energy. The best type of exercise is interval training if your knees are still working.

On my blog at, I teach many techniques on exercise, eating and even acupressure.

Charmain Josie Diet Plan

My name is Charmain Josie and the reason why I came to Dr. Eric Berg’s office was because I had a concern about energy, not getting enough rest, and just an overall health concern. My first visit was on June, the 22nd of this year, 2012. My experience was—my concerns were reconfirmed when I was going through the test, such as the stress test, the urinalysis, and as a result, Dr. Berg recommended a plan for me, so I was really excited about that. I’m an Adrenal Type and being an Adrenal Type, there were concerns regarding my eating habits, the types of foods and the main goal is getting my body healthy to start to address the issues that I had.

I always had a passion for learning, especially education about health and being healthier, eating, and it’s a lifestyle change, so I was really excited about coming in for my visits and getting my issues addressed. Initially when I came in, of course, I had to fill out paper work and address my main concerns, etc. The next phase was the tests, such as the stress tests, the urinalysis, etc. The results said, when given to me, he was able to pull from that information, to put a plan for me to get my stress level down. We have to invest in our lives. We invest in so many things, such as material things. But I firmly believe that investing in my lifestyle and my health and my concerns was really worth it, so I really can say it was definitely worth it.

Most of the time when we see different commercials, etc., is focused on diet plans, but his philosophy is; you have to become healthy and address those issues in order to lose the weight, so I firmly believe in his philosophy because if you don’t know what’s wrong with you, I can get on any plan but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to rectify the problem that I have. I would tell someone who’s hesitant, don’t fear the unknown. If you have concerns, if you have issues, don’t procrastinate, because procrastination can lead to a lifelong devastation because you don’t know. I would say don’t live in the fear of the unknown. It’s free, the information is great and that will be a stepping stone for change in your life and it’s a lifestyle change.

Metabolism Problem, Weight Symptom

I always love when people tell me, “Dr. Eric Berg I ‘know what to do’ but I just don’t do it.” What happens is—they don’t really know how to burn fat. They don’t know that there’s four body types, each one with their own eating plan and they’re own exercise plan. In their mind, they have this idea that if they exercise, their calories will be burned off. Or they think that if they take some weight-loss pill; like some acai berry or a raspberry ketone or a coffee bean extract, it’s somehow going to boost your metabolism and melt the fat off. Well—I’m going to tell you right now, please, don’t waste your money on that. It’s gimmicks; it’s not going to work. Now, there are two things that I’m going to talk about that are very, very, very important—they’re actually the opposite of what most people have an idea about as far as losing weight.

Number one: people don’t really have a weight problem. They have a weight symptom. They really have a metabolism problem. Alright, now you might want to let that sink in a little bit because that’s just the opposite of what people are taught. The metabolism will cause either weight loss or weight gain depending on how fast it is. When you’re 18, it’s fast. You can lose weight like crazy. When you’re 30/40, you can’t, because things have changed, your metabolism has changed. So the problem becomes less of a weight issue, more of a metabolism issue. But everything is designed to help you lose weight. The problem is, those things that they do to stimulate your weight loss tend to ruin your metabolism, so that’s the problem. So that’s number one.

Number two: people don’t lose weight and get healthy. They have to first get healthy to lose the weight. So in other words, the inside of the body; the inner health directs the outside and how healthy you look on the outside. It’s a very, very important point. So we have a weight symptom that’s causing a metabolism burnout, because if you look inside a person’s body—which I have a machine where you can look inside—with someone who’s struggling with weight problems, they usually have a burnt out metabolism. It’s low. So anything that’s trying to boost it is actually ruining it. So we want to get that thing healthy. Everything that we do has to align with improving the nutrition, improving the energy levels, improving the sleep issues, improving the cravings. Those are indications of being healthy. Sometimes when you go to your doctor, they sometimes say, “Oh, well you’re healthy, you just need to lose weight. Well—like I said before, if you have fatigue, you’re not healthy.

If you’re overweight, you’re not healthy. If you crave things, if you have sinus problem or you can’t sleep, the inside of your body is not balanced—you’re not healthy. So, the most important thing that you need to focus on if you’re struggling with losing weight is the health of your metabolism. The programs and products on this page are very different than most programs, because they don’t focus on the melting of the fat or the boosting of the metabolism. We already know those things don’t work. This is designed to focus on one thing and one thing only, and that is the inside of the body—to get the inside healthy; to get your metabolism really healthy so you’re able to burn the fat like you did before. Very important distinction, okay? Because, energy, no cravings, good digestion—all those are precursors for losing weight. So, if this doesn’t make sense, just click off right now and don’t waste your time. If it does make sense and you want to try something different, pick the program that fits your budget below and I will see you on the inside.

Tobi Hardin talking about Dr. Eric Berg’s health lecture

My name is Tobi Harden. I’m originally from San Diego, California, but I’ve in the DC Metropolitan Area since 1989. I met Dr. Eric Berg through a health lecture through my church in Alexandria. I listened to the lecture, and it was very informative. The information was new and I learned some new things that I immediately wanted to incorporate in my diet, however there were a few areas that I wanted to check out. I’ve really been a healthy person, I don’t really have any medical issues—significant medical concerns, but I had a few little problems that I wanted to see what he had to say about them. So, my sister and I, who attended the lecture, decided to come to the office and get an evaluation. I was concerned because I have some acne and I’m in my 40’s, and having a significant case of acne—and it wasn’t an unusual area in the T-zone, which adolescents have acne in that area; it was in the lower face area. It was significant. Some of the other areas that were significant for me were knee pain. I had knee pain in my right knee. I had actually been diagnosed with arthritis. I had been trying some herbal treatments and some chiropractic treatments that had temporarily helped, but I had this knee pain that was terribly significant. It bothered me going up and down the stairs at my house, or when the weather changed, I’d feel pain in that knee. So, the acne and knee pain—I have a very curvaceous figure; I was really concerned about the weight in my hips and thighs. It seemed to not be moving. I couldn’t move it. Those were the reasons that I decided to go see Dr. Berg.

On the initial consultation, I was amazed because all of those issues; the acne, the hips, the little stomach pouch, the thighs, the cellulite in my thighs, and the knee pain were all related to one central thing and that thing was estrogen. I had too much estrogen in my body. It was causing the infertility issues that I had, the fibroids, the cellulite, the weight in my hips and thighs and the acne. Also he explained that he felt that my knee pain was not due to the arthritis, but it was due to not enough protein in my diet. When you’re not having enough protein, your body will take protein from joints or wherever it can find it. So because I wasn’t eating enough protein, it caused this knee pain that I have been having for many five years or more. So I immediately got on his diet plan and wanted to start the treatment. I got on the diet plan and I’m amazed that the knee pain was gone! Completely gone.

That’s the most amazing thing; the knee pain is gone. I’m eating a lot of protein, and I haven’t been having any problems with my knee. I don’t even hear the grinding in my knee that I used to hear when I would take the stairs, so I’m really amazed with that. I have lost some weight; I’m slimmed down, I look much better, I feel much better, I have more energy, my skin is clearer! Yesterday I went in the store and I was telling someone about Dr. Eric Berg and she said, “Really? You had acne?” I said, “Yes, I had terrible acne.” I tell my friends at work, my face was like braille, you could read it, it was so bad. Dr. Berg listened very well to all my concerns. During my treatment here, I had some other questions and he was always willing to come in and hear what I had to say and make some suggestions or changes for what I could do to solve those problems. He’s been very helpful to me and very easy to talk to! His style is—he has a humorous side, but it’s very low key, so he’s easy to talk to and he’s actually a little funny.

Angela Hightower Video on Dr Berg

My name is Angela Hightower. I’m 48 years old. I’ve always been, not obese, but as I grew up, I’ve always been a chubby child. Throughout life, through my 20’s, I kind of slimmed down a little bit and by mid 40’s, I started to spread out. I mean, I’ve tried other methods like Weight Watchers. It did work out, for a while, and then it comes back. I had gone to see my primary care doctor and I was on a scale and I weighed 200 pounds—and I had never weighed 200 pounds in my life, so I thought, something has to be done.

I have a history of high blood pressure and hypertension, and it’s also in my family, so keeping with those things in mind, I knew I had to make some changes for my lifestyle and for my weight. I was about to sign up again with Weight Watchers, and I had seen Dr. Eric Berg a couple times on TV, and then I heard a radio commercial about a free consultation, so I decided to come in and see what Dr. Berg’s program was about. The first visit was on a Friday and the office was kind of busy. After the initial tests—kind of scared me. I didn’t know what to think, having the stress tests and all that, but once I got through that and had a one-on-one with Dr. Berg, I felt good about the program and I felt like it wasn’t a fluke or a scam.

I actually asked him, how did he get into doing this kind of health care, so the first visit was impressive. I learned, from the first visit, that I already had some of the methods in place, I just didn’t know how. What really resonated with me was by talking with Dr. Berg and by getting the book, was I had a guide. So I had a guide that I could follow and that was good. If you want to learn more about your body and how to keep your body healthy, I would encourage everyone to stop by and see him.

Dr. Eric Berg’s success with Tracy Moreland

My name is Tracy Moreland. I live in the area; I live in Stafford. I’m relatively new to the east coast; I’ve been here a couple of years. I go to CPC, and Dr. Eric Berg would come and do seminars at our church. I’ve been to a couple of his seminars and I decided that I had a few questions or concerns that I wanted to address that Dr. Eric might be able to help me with. So I decided to come here, me and my sister came together to address some of my health concerns. Some of the things that I had concerns with or that I needed a little help with was I wanted to lose some weight—not a whole lot of weight but I wanted to lose about twenty pounds that I had been struggling with, back and forth, was having problems with sleep; I did not have good quality sleep at all, hot flashes— I was taking an herb for hot flashes and night sweats, so that was something that I needed some help with. Oh my goodness I sleep great now! I sleep like a baby. Yeah, I sleep good, because I was having trouble—I would never have trouble falling asleep but I would have trouble staying asleep. I would wake up approximately at about 4 in the morning.

Dr. Berg has in his book, 7 Principles of Fat Burning, he has a picture of someone with my concerns, the Adrenal Type—he has a picture of someone looking at the clock at 4 o’clock in the morning, and I thought—“Oh my God, that’s me right there!” And so, now I can go to sleep. I can not only go to sleep, but I can stay asleep, or if I wake up, I go to the bathroom and then go right back to sleep. And that was something that, I don’t even know how long—I had been having trouble with sleep for a long time. That was a big thing for me. I lost weight. I didn’t lose the number of pounds I was looking to lose, but I think with his system, it’s different because even though I haven’t lost the number of pounds, I’m in the size clothes that I could wear when I had lost that number of pounds. So I may have only lost half of the pounds, number wise, but my body can fit into all those clothes—into my small clothes! It doesn’t matter about the numbers, because I’m wearing my small clothes, so it doesn’t matter what the scale says.

Dr. Eric Berg believes in a lot of the things that I’m somewhat familiar with and a lot of things I knew nothing about, so I’m totally sold out to him. I believe in what he’s saying and in what he’s doing, for sure. This is your health—you have nothing to lose to come and hear what he has to say, whether you believe it or not. I think a lot of the times, even when you don’t believe something fully, you can’t help—it’s in there; you heard it. It just makes you think about it and I think it makes you more aware. So even if you don’t do things one hundred percent, you know when you’re doing something that is not the best—you’re fully aware of it. It may make you do it less or only do it for a moment, because you’re not going to stay in that. You know best; you know better; you know it’s not good for you.

Dr. Eric Berg’s client’s testimonial with Debra Carroll

My name is Debra Carroll. What brought me to Dr. Eric Berg is, I was a wreck; I was fatigued, in pain, gaining a lot of weight. Couldn’t understand why because I was exercising and doing what I thought were the right things. I’d been to several doctors and they couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with me, but they were willing to put me on drugs, which, I wasn’t going to take. I had heard about Dr. Berg and that he had used different alternative methods, which I was interested in because I like natural medicine. I heard an advertisement about a workshop he was doing, and so I came to the workshop and saw him; made an appointment to come see him. What was incredible to me, was the first time I saw him, he was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with me and gave me a treatment and it gave me relief that I hadn’t had in years. I slept. I hadn’t slept through the night in two or three years—and it was the best sleep I’d had.

As far as my healing process; I’m losing weight now, I’m sleeping, I’m not having the severe pains that I was having, and I’m learning how to eat the right way. It’s just making such a difference in my life. I’m just eternally grateful to him. He’s changed my life. He’s given me back my life. I was also going through some severe depression, which I didn’t realize I was going through. I knew something was wrong, aside from the pain. I had lost my mother and had gone through a very serious divorce, back to back. I didn’t realize, and I’ve now learned that stress is an accumulative thing, so I was holding in a lot of stress which was, in turn, turning into physical pain. I had very severe acid reflux. I had all these things going wrong with me—I thought I was having a heart attack every time I would have an event. I didn’t even know what was going on with me, but there again, Dr. Eric Berg knew what was happening to my body. The fact that I did have a lot of stress had accumulated in my body over the years. Also, he found a thing that I hadn’t even thought about—he asked one day, “Have you ever had an injury where you hurt the bottom of your spine?” And I thought back, and it was years ago, where I had had a fall off of a ladder, and fell right on the tailbone and never thought about it. I didn’t think it was serious, but I had always had some issues in the spine area and some pains and I would go get adjusted and things like that, but it was never really a relief. He shared with me that also when you have accidents, that those injuries; if the energy from that is not released that it can cause all kinds of problems. So he did a treatment on me to treat that, and there again, there was just this release; this feeling that this tightness had just gone away, that was always in my hip area—in my lower hip area. I mean there was just this pain, almost to the point where I was just getting used to it. I just accepted that this was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life. And that pain was going away. We’re always skeptical when there’s something new that we’re not familiar with. I had looked at alternative therapies and such but he was coming from an area that I had never heard of before, so I was skeptical but I did have an open mind, so I was willing. When you’re in pain, sometimes you’re willing to try almost anything.

Dr. Berg’s mannerism; he’s such a calm person. He’s very manner-of-fact and you just feel like, here is a guy who’s not giving you a bunch of malarkey. He’s talking straight and he means what he says. He really cares about his patients and that really meant something to me. I’ve never had a doctor, especially on the first visit, who would just sit there and talk to me—I mean he talked to me for an hour and a half asking me questions and I wasn’t used to that. I was used to just going 15 minutes, give you a prescription and you’re gone, but he sat there and he talked to me and he made me think. He made me feel very comfortable to answer those questions and again—it’s just been great. People that know me, know that I don’t talk to you about anything that I don’t believe in. Since I’ve been coming to him, and his treatments have worked for me, I can let people know that you can just come with an open mind and a willing spirit and listen to what he has to say, even if you don’t agree, try. You might just be surprised that you’ll get the answer you’ve been looking for all along.